Apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant or add more jobs to your existing grant agreement


Applications to the Kickstart Scheme are closing soon.

After 12 noon on Friday 17th December 2021 you will not be able to:

  • apply for a new Kickstart Scheme grant
  • add more jobs to an existing grant agreement
We will process applications submitted before this time or that are already in progress.

Learn more about the Kickstart Scheme closure
Use this service to apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant or add additional jobs to your existing grant agreement held directly with DWP.
Warning If you used a Kickstart gateway (sometimes called an intermediary organisation) in the past – do not use the Kickstart Scheme Application ID that was assigned to the gateway.
  • You can contact your gateway to add more Kickstart Scheme jobs


  • If you no longer want to use a gateway, you can use this service to apply direct
Check if you can apply for a grant through the Kickstart Scheme.
Applications from new Kickstart gateways closed on 27 January 2021. If you are a Kickstart gateway who already has a grant agreement with DWP you can add more employers and jobs using this service.

The online service is also available in Welsh (Cymraeg).

This service will time out after 1 hour of inactivity. Please gather all the information needed before you start. You cannot save and return to your application.

Before you start

Information you may need about your organisation, and/or the employers you are acting as a gateway for, includes:

  • the organisation’s registered name, address and contact details
  • the Companies House reference number, Charity Commission number or Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator number, if there is one. Gateways also need to enter any reference number for employers, if there is one
  • details of the Kickstart Scheme jobs, employers and their locations
  • the number of paid employees in the organisation offering the Kickstart Scheme jobs
  • supporting information to show that they are new jobs and meet the Kickstart Scheme criteria. Gateways must tell us how they check this type of information with employers
  • how the long-term employability skills of young people will be developed. Gateways must tell us how they check this type of information with employers

If you are adding more jobs to your existing grant agreement (we call this a variation) you will also need:

  • your Kickstart Scheme application ID. You can find this on your grant agreement or on payment remittance documents
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